Prioritise your Twitter activity with Twitter lists

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Sara Drawwater of Something Beckons shares her Twitter tip of prioritising your conversations and relationship building efforts.

Think carefully about who you will spend time on. This may sound awfully mean but if you only have 20 minutes a day for your Twitter activity how will you ensure you make the most of that time? This approach is no different to going to a networking event having studied the delegate list and knowing who you want to speak to.

You want to ensure your priority is following, attracting, engaging with and nurturing people and organisations that will help you achieve your business goals and reach a relevant audience. For example, think about creating Twitter lists for:

Potential customers
Media influencers in your industry
Suppliers and partners

By placing such Twitter accounts in lists, when you log on to Twitter, you can click a specific list to filter out all tweets from those not in your list. This gives you a much more focused approach to Twitter so you can spend your precious time on and engage with people and organisations that you want to build important business relationships with.

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