How to build a winning brand for your business

Wednesday 15 March 2017

Rowley Mile
Newmarket Racecourse

Join Cambridgeshire and Suffolk Chambers of Commerce for a fantastic FREE seminar at the Two Counties Exhibition!

A brand is the most valuable part of any business. But few people know what a brand is – or how to build one. In this 40 minute seminar, the UK’s leading sales, marketing and brand consultant James Hammond will guide you through the four essential steps of creating a powerful brand to help you beat the competition and grow your business.

Material covered will include:

• The four-step process to build a winning brand.
• What a brand is...and what it isn’t. (Clue: it’s not a logo or ‘customer promise’.)
• The ‘secret’ element that most companies completely ignore – yet it forms the ONLY foundation for building a brand that works.
• How to harness the power of the five senses to create a total brand experience that will keep your customers coming back for more.
• What is brand innovation, and how can you achieve it?
• Communicate, communicate, communicate…but how should you do it?

You’ll learn:
• How ordinary toilet paper and salt brands command up to 40% more prices than their competitors!
• How an old woman and a young woman can teach you a vital lesson about branding!
• How New Zealand sheep helped create an extraordinary brand!
• How you can build a strong brand, even if you only sell… paper clips!

… and you’ll end the seminar with ideas about low cost, high value approaches you can use to build your brand!

Free to attend but bookable.

For more information and to book contact Jenni Misseldine or call 01223 209810.

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