10 Top Tips for the first 100 days in a new role

October 13, 2021

Starting a new role is filled with excitement and sometimes a little bit of fear or trepidation. The people performance improvement team from The Oakridge Centre provide 10 top tips for the first 100 days within your new role and wish you all the very best for your new adventure.

1. Ensure you let go of the old role and leave relationships in good shape

2. Get to grips with the culture and politics that surround your new environment so you can navigate your way through these

3. Identify and agree on some quick wins with your manager and then make sure you deliver them!

4. Identify any obstacles and risks and put a plan in place to deal with these

5. Establish some mutual expectations with your manager for what they expect of you and what they can do to support and get the best from you

6. Get absolute clarity on what your role is and what the key deliverables are

7. Develop your Stakeholder Map and relationship management plan to support your ongoing and future success

8. Spend time getting to know your team and their styles, strengths and limitations

9. Utilise your support network and the relationships you already have

10. Stay positive and utilise your strengths as it was these that got you the job in the first place!

Contact our Interim Managing Director, Simone Robinson, who is based in Cambridge, if you would like to find out how The Oakridge Centre can support you and your team in your new role. Tel: 07939 104500 E: simone.robinson@oakridgecente.co.uk