cowmoonications, art & paying-it-forward: the cowfintive moo crew

January 15, 2020

When we first herd about Cows About Cambridge, the team at cofinitive knew we wanted to be involved. As a creative company, we want to show our support of something that brings art to the forefront over 12-week trail in Cambridge. And, as pay-it-forward is one of our core values, supporting the volunteers of a great charity and art engagement project was a win, win, win.

Sponsoring the ‘Moo Crew’ was a great way for us to show our support for a great cause whilst doing something fun too. The ‘Moo Crew’ are volunteers who will be helping out during the art parade, so you’ll be seeing them out and about in the city wearing their limited-edition t-shirts.

“We care about creativity, arts, engagement and paying-it forward, so creating the cowfinitive Moo Crew was a no-brainer. In a place like Cambridge with so much STEM, we think it is really important to get in more STEAM as arts encourage creativity and give us all a reason to be alive. By supporting this project, we want to encourage conversations, foster employee engagement and help businesses interact with the city we live and work in.” Nicky Shepard, Account Manager, cowfinitive

The volunteer programme is seeking people with a range of skills and availability to help across the art trail, which runs from 30 March until 6 June 2020. Interested volunteers can call or email Break on 01603 670100, to explore ways in which they can lend their support.

Peter Marron, Cows about Cambridge Project Manager, said: “I’m positive that becoming a member of the Moo Crew is a new year’s resolution that will make a lasting impact on your community, as well as your wellbeing. Whatever time and skills you can bring, we’d love to hear from you.”

Milking the opportunity
At cofinitive, we’ve seen sponsorship opportunities pass companies by, either by them not participating fully, or indeed not really beefing them up. Obviously, being engagement and cowmoonications people, we weren’t going to let this opportunity go past without really milking it – so the cowfinitive brand was born.

As well as sponsoring the ‘Moo Crew’ we decided to let Cows About Cambridge take over our brand with a logo, tagline and microsite dedicated to showing off the ‘Moo Crew’, the event itself and the great work of Break Charity.

This promises to be such a fun time in Cambridge, we are just so pleased to be playing our part. Do keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for more fun ways we’ll be engaging with the art parade, launching in March in Cambridge.

Head over to for more information and don’t forget to post your best cow puns on social media using #cowfinitive – you never know, you may even make our Hall of Fame.