Launch of Cambridge Business and Marketing school announced

February 25, 2020

There will be the opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies to embark on a programme of monthly training sessions, including skills development and problem-solving activities.

Attendees at the introductory sessions, can be from any business at various stages of their business cycle. Individuals that wish to be part of the ongoing support programme will be streamlined into appropriate groups that can effectively benefit from a peer-to-peer learning environment.

Working with a variety of companies and entrepreneurs in different sectors, from start-ups to multi-million-pound companies, has enabled Mark to develop a wide range of skills in the business consultancy and marketing sectors. His experience over the years has been distilled into this new series of events: The Cambridge Business and Marketing School.

Mark is MBA qualified and has helped hundreds of businesses achieve their goals whilst running successful two businesses WebWorksWell and HiTeam. He believes passionately in working to improve the marketing and growth of companies in various sectors around Cambridge.

“I am really excited to be launching the Cambridge Business Marketing School” says Mark Layzell. “Through years of working with businesses, helping them with their marketing, business development and process improvement, we have developed a proven system that can help any business improve and generate significant returns.

“The Cambridge Business programme will bring the benefits associated with 1-2-1 business consultancy to group workshops. Companies and entrepreneurs will get fantastic results at a fraction of the cost of private consultancy.

“We have some really exciting product developments: new business models that explain complex situations in easy to understand ways, improved joined-up marketing systems to generate more leads from a company’s marketing budget, and tools and techniques that allow 5* lead generation for website traffic.

“Each of the Cambridge Business systems work well on their own, but when they are put together, they deliver fantastic results… I can’t wait to introduce them to Cambridge businesses and begin sharing their success.”

Business owners who want to book should visit 

In this session you will learn:
• Essential marketing skills for small business
• Common business problems and how to avoid them
• About the building blocks you need to grow your business in a sustainable way
• Tools that will help you automate your business
• How to improve your business plan structured around the key business areas
• What your next steps are to ensure success
Plus a workshop to develop your own 90 day plan.