Welcome to the SACC UK monthly virtual networking

June 22, 2022

The SACC UK is truly going global with their monthly virtual networking events. The lively and energetic events were born out of the Covid 19 pandemic when virtual networking events replaced monthly East of England in-person breakfasts.

SACC UK East of England chapter leader, Tania Verdonk, said: “Initially, the attendees were made up of our East of England tribe. But as the pandemic prolonged, and people were getting used to the new virtual environment, we found that borders and time zone barriers disappeared. And our audience diversified! At our last meeting, we had businesses from South Africa, Namibia, and the UK.”

The East of England Chapter is now back to monthly in-person events, but the benefits that a global South African business virtual network brings are just too great to give up. On 30 June, this network will officially relaunch as the SACC UK virtual network space. It will be open to all businesses with an interest in South African and UK trade. We will have a global meet up, every last Thursday of the month between 11.00am–12.00pm BST (12.00-1.00pm SAST).

Tania went on to say: “People do business with people that they know, like, and trust. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know other businesses that have the spirit of Ubuntu thread through them. The most exciting thing is to see who is in the Zoom room. Big businesses, small businesses, global and local. We provide a very welcoming environment for all with no awkward sales pitches or uncomfortable small talk.”

Freshly back from a South Africa roadshow, and launching the Gauteng chapter, Chairman Sharon Constançon said: “This virtual space will aim to further our goals for bilateral SA UK trade as well as connecting with our global SA Chambers. This regular virtual networking meeting will allow people to transcend borders, make new friends, find business partners, and source trade solutions. A place to share positive energy and make a difference. Another activity that will further our goals for bilateral SA UK trade and global partnerships.”

E-mail SACC UK East of England chapter leader and fellow CCC Chamber member, Tania Verdonk, if you wish to attend: tania@spirusmarketing.com