Four tips on how to maintain client relationships

January 6, 2020

How to maintain client relationships in a recruitment agency…

Business is based on relationships and every interaction is an opportunity to improve clients experience. Good relationships will help you to maintain trust with your clients and can help you find the right talent for your clients which leads the way for long-term success. Here are four tips on how to maintain client relationships:

To maintain client relationships it is important to listen to your clients requirements and understand their business. The aim is to outline the clients recruitment process and what they want and what candidates will fit into their business. This will enable you to nurture your clients through their recruitment process and will help to build and maintain a positive and trusting relationship.

Recruitment changes everyday and candidates situations differ depending on circumstances. Keep your clients updated at all times and communicate effectively during the recruitment process. Your clients have put all of their faith and trust in you to provide them with top candidates and they expect to be updated on your search whatever the situation. Clients pay large recruitment fees so they expect the best and top service from their recruitment agency. If the service fails then they will go somewhere else. Remember that whatever you say or do whilst working on their roles, can also affect you as the consultant.

Businesses use recruitment agencies to find them the best talent and to grow their team which is why YOU ARE THE EXPERT when it comes to clients seeking advice. The best recruiters stay updated about their specialist markets and can provide Hiring Managers with the best insight in to what is happening. Specialist recruiters know the available talent pool, where to find candidates and how to reach out, salary rates, skill-sets available and the current hiring complexities.

Dedicated account management
Put your clients first and make them a priority throughout your working day. Make them feel like they are the only person you are dealing with and do whatever it takes to provide them with exceptional talent. This will help maintain a good and trusting relationship and will help your clients in their recruitment agency decision process.

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