7 Steps to purpose: get unstuck, discover your gift and do what matters most

This is a unique opportunity to join with other like-minded individuals committed to discovering what they do best, what matters most and exploring ways to create the impact they want to make and becoming the best version of themselves.

Why should you attend?

This free workshop will support you to become clear on what you love to do and what matters most. It will allow you to explore the people and problems that you are uniquely equipped to serve – this is the starting point to creating a life and business that truly impacts people, planet or place.

This workshop is for you if you:

-Are at a crossroads in life or work
Want to do something more meaningful
-Have always wondered if you could/should start a business or social venture
-Have ideas but are not sure where to start

This workshop will be led by Neil Prem, author of 7 Steps to Purpose and Allia social venture consultant. He has over 15 years’ experience supporting individuals to start impact businesses based on what they love to do and what matters most.

How to book


To learn more or book, visit: bit.ly/7steps-to-purpose


Allia Future Business Centre Cambridge Kings Hedges Road Cambridge CB4 2HY

Event information


16/01/2020 -




Allia Future Business Centre Cambridge