ACAS – Menopause and the workplace

Menopause is a natural phase in every woman’s life, however there is still a stigma attached to it.

With menopausal women now the fastest growing demographic in the workplace, it’s more important than ever for employers to have a good understanding of the menopause and how they can support colleagues through the transition.

This event looks at the symptoms and misconceptions surrounding the menopause, as well as the legal position and support available for both employees and employers.

Business need
The average age for a woman to go through the menopause is 51. Women represent 47 per cent of the UK workforce, 28 per cent of whom are aged 50 and above.

Each woman’s experience of the menopause can be different and present a variety of symptoms. Some of which can lead to increased absence and lower levels of engagement and productivity. This can mean that women, without the right support at work, feel they have no choice but to leave their job and maybe the workplace altogether.

Managers can find it difficult to discuss the menopause with their staff, usually due to a lack of understanding and fear they may make things worse. However, the legal implications of not providing employees with the necessary support and adjustments at work can be costly.

Organisations where employees can talk openly about the menopause and feel supported are more likely to attract and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce. They can also benefit from reduced absence levels and improved employee retention.

Delegates attending this event will gain a clear understanding of the menopause, common misconceptions and the legal position. They will also learn about the wide range of symptoms and be provided with guidance on support mechanisms available to employees going through the menopause.

All delegates will receive an electronic certificate of attendance for their participation in the training.

Suitable for delegates from all sectors of industry including: managers, supervisors, team leaders, HR professionals, business owners, trade union representatives, employee representatives and individuals who wish to enhance their CPD.

This event will cover:
• Menopause symptoms-awareness and misconceptions
• Talent retention and employee engagement
• Developing support networks and organisational awareness
• Legal considerations concerning discrimination, reasonable adjustments and sickness absence
• Action planning including developing a menopause policy.

Price £110.00 per person. Please note our training events are VAT exempt.

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