Cambridge Network Breakfast Networking: Best practice SEO for 2020

In this talk you will learn how to maximise your opportunities in SEO and how to ensure your content stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Following Lilac James’s successful talks for Cambridge Network in 2018 and 2019 we’re pleased to have her back to discuss how the Google is trying to remain relevant to users, providing them with the best, most relative content for their search terms.

About Lilac James
Lilac James is a Cambridge based full services marketing agency specialising in SEO, PPC & Social Media

Event summary

SEO will always be a changing arena but one thing remains static and that is Google’s intention to deliver the user with the best, most relative and most informative content against their search term. This presents an opportunity for smaller companies to compete with the internet giants

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The Hauser Forum 3 Charles Babbage Road Cambridge CB3 0GT

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The Hauser Forum