Connect, Confess and Collaborate – Business Leaders Gathering at the Citizen Hub

Co-hosted by Alex Hughes (St Neots Initiative) and the team at Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce

Welcome to St Neots, the most entrepreneurial town in Cambridgeshire and this is the second iteration of a unique collaboration between SNI and Chambers. We have an exclusive opportunity for 50 founders or directors of local businesses to join us for a gathering in the new Citizen Hub in St Neots, to network and get inspired from the real lessons in business! Time to confess and join us for a memorable evening.

Confessions of a Founder booths:

We have two booths set up for the duration of the event, a red one, for you to share a confession of ‘a fail in your start-up journey’. A blue one, for ‘a win that was a catalyst for your growth’. These will be asked of you by a Curious Entrepreneur who will be recording your responses for the next generation of Entrepreneurs to learn from.

Confessions of a Founder bar stories:

We will be welcoming our favourite confessions to the bar for the story to be shared further with the room allowing for questions from the attendees. You will be asked for a confession as you sign up to the event, if relevant to you please do share.

Citizen Hub vision:

You will hear from Alex Hughes and Kay Brockall, the two Entrepreneurs that combined disciplines to make the Citizen Hub come to life. Seen as the future of connecting local people to skills and jobs, be the first to hear about their vision for what this project will bring to the doorsteps of our local businesses.

Business baby shower:

An opportunity for the youngest business (in registered terms) to receive a shower of support from those present at the event! This individual founder will be asked to share their vision in the room for us all to ask questions and offer support to their journey.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting event to connect, confess and collaborate amongst the local business community.

Hot and cold drinks will kindly be provided by Alex and the team. 

St Neots Initiative:

Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce:

How to book

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Please note places are limited so we would appreciate letting us know of any cancellations.


Citizen Hub 58 Market Square St Neots PE19 2AA

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