How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign

Join the world’s largest equity crowdfunding platform to help you build the best crowdfunding campaign possible for your business.

Learn how to create a successful crowdfunding campaign, with experts from Crowdcube. A successful campaign will not only drive investment but will also increase your reach, help to spread brand awareness and keep your community engaged.

This workshop will cover:

  • The value of doing a Crowdcube raise over and above the capital
  • The power of communities to drive investment
  • How to create the best crowdfunding campaign possible
  • Top tips for running a Crowdcube raise
  • Why Crowdcube is the perfect partner for your crowdfunding campaign
  • Crowdcube enables the next generation of businesses with big ideas to raise finance.

Since Crowdcube was founded in 2011, they have helped almost 900 companies successfully raise funds, with a total of £690 million having been invested on the platform to date by a crowd of over 750,000 registered Crowdcube investors. Businesses that have raised with Crowdcube include Monzo, BrewDog, Pod Point, Freetrade. Pip & Nut, Mindful Chef, Mr & Mrs Smith and Grind.

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Allia Future Business Centre Cambridge Allia Future Business Centre Kings Hedges Road CB4 2HY

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26/02/2019 - 26/02/2020




Allia Future Business Centre Cambridge