Join Us at the Annual Conference: ‘Youth Powered: Reimagining Skills for Tomorrow’s Careers’

Young people today are growing up in the shadow of an ever-evolving labour market, where the skills demanded by tomorrow’s jobs are changing at an unprecedented rate. Employers and educators across our county have demonstrated their commitment to working together to prepare students to thrive in their future careers, leading to trailblazing programmes, projects and partnerships.

But how can we aim higher?

At our Annual Conference this year, titled ‘Youth Powered: Reimagining Skills for Tomorrow’s Careers’, you are invited to delve into the question of how we respond to changes in the skills our labour market demands, how educators and employers can strive to mature their careers-related strategies from good to great, and how we can ensure students of every background are equally supported to take their best next step.

Our conversations will be hosted by ARU Peterborough, an institution at the forefront of innovation in education and skills.

No matter your role in education or employment, you play a vital role in ensuring today’s students are equipped with the skills our region will come to depend on.

Our economy will be youth-powered: join us to take your place in securing growth for our community and exceptional futures for our young people.



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