Quietening Your Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever feel like an imposter in your own life?

If you find yourself doubting your accomplishments or experiencing an internalised fear of being exposed as a “fraud”, you may be experiencing a case of “imposter syndrome”.

It’s surprisingly common. Leaving imposter syndrome unchecked can be debilitating…

The good news is there are a number of simple strategies that can be employed to help you get over your inner imposter.

After the Imposter Syndrome workshop, you will:

– Have a clear understanding of imposter syndrome, including things we tell ourselves

– Know how to recognise signs of imposter syndrome

– Have some strategies to deal with imposter syndrome

– Understand ways to mitigate feeling like an imposter going forward.

How to book

£45 per person, includes tasty refreshments

Contact Melanie at melanie@bluediamondcoach.com to reserve your place!


Holme - near Peterborough PE7 3QZ

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Holme - near Peterborough