A14 Consultation - time to have your say!

The latest Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme update for February 2015 is now available.

It contains information about the planning process the A14 scheme is now in.

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Lobbying for much-needed improvements to the A14 in Cambridgeshire is the Chamber's most high-profile and longest-running campaign. Here are just some of the highlights to date of our continued efforts to keep the A14 in the headlines and in the minds of transport ministers:
September 2013
The Chamber speaks out against the government’s plans to introduce tolling on the upgraded A14, claiming that it is simply a way for the government to set a new principle that allows it to raise more money from motorists.
“The argument that they need additional funds for the A14 is stretching the imagination in that it’s only going to raise approximately £25-30million per annum, which is peanuts in relation to the cost of the overall scheme.”

April 2013
We called on Cambridge City Council to reconsider their position on the A14 following reports that Council Leader Tim Bick had urged members of the council to endorse the authority’s decision not to contribute to funds to fund the A14 upgrade.
“Businesses need to have confidence that decision makers can see the bigger picture and understand the wider economic impacts of their decisions. Unfortunately Cllr Tim Bick is sending out a message that a more parochial approach is adequate to support the local economy, and that’s something businesses are struggling to relate to.”

February 2012
The Chamber spoke out against suggestions that motorists may be required to pay a public toll for using an improved A14.
“Finding funding is always going to be difficult and we accept that we must be innovative in terms of where the money is going to come from. We support the combined use of national government funding, local funding and private sector funding to make these much-needed improvements a reality. It just shouldn’t come from the individuals.”

October 2011
The Chamber labelled plans to press ahead with new housing developments along the A14 corridor ‘bonkers’, accusing decision-makers of running a growth agenda without the necessary investment in infrastructure.
“Common sense tells you that any new houses built along the corridor in the immediate future and before the essential upgrading of the A14 will generate more traffic on a road that can’t cope now with volume in relation to its capacity.”

June 2011
We warned Mike Penning MP, Under-Secretary of State for Transport, that the decision to scrap the A14 improvement programme before a public inquiry had taken place had created a catch-22 situation, with no tangible scheme in place for private organisations to consider for funding.
“We’ve all come to terms with the government’s refusal to invest in this key section of our region’s infrastructure but what I can’t believe is that they are continuing to hamper growth by refusing to reinstate the public inquiry and therefore further delaying any sort of progress being made.”

February 2011
We wrote to the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Transport, Philip Hammond MP, describing the route as a ‘national disgrace’ and calling on the government to reinstate the public inquiry into the A14
“For those of us whose businesses are impacted upon on an all too regular basis, the route is no less than a national disgrace. The business community are conveying very strongly that a solution has to be found as it is impacting negatively on their ability to operate their business successfully at a time when the opposite is required.”

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