Through your membership you are protected by a comprehensive legal expenses insurance policy covering business and employee cover across 11 sections, with up to 100,000.00 per claim and 1,000,000.00 in the annual aggregate, plus there is no excess to pay.

Employment disputes
Health and Safety prosecutions
Tax protection HMRC enquiry, aspect enquiries, PAYE disputes and VAT disputes
Criminal prosecution defence
Statutory licence protection
Property disputes
Data protection
Personal injury
Motor disputes
Wrongful arrest defence
Jury service allowance (100.00 per day / 1,000 per claim).

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The Cyber Essentials Scheme is a badge which organisations can use to demonstrate to customers, partners, insurers and investors that they have taken set measures to to help secure their information and operations.

Cyber Essentials (stage 1)
The organisation defines the scope, which is made up of the systems that are exposed to the Internet. The organisation states its compliance with the requirements by responding to the Cyber Essentials questionnaire, which covers the requirements for basic technical protection from cyber-attacks. To complete the process, an authorised signatory of the organisation signs the questionnaire attesting its accuracy. This is then sent to Redpalm Technology Services for review.

Cyber Essentials Plus (stage 2)
Having completed Cyber Essentials stage 1, which is a prerequisite to Cyber Essentials Plus, an organisation may choose to undergo a more thorough assessment from Redpalm. This time the assessment is based on an internal and external security assessment of servers and end-user devices. Once again this directly tests that individual controls have been implemented correctly and recreates various attack scenarios to determine whether a system compromise using basic capabilities can be achieved.

This service is provided by Redpalm Technology Services.

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