Free Chamber HR for every member

All Chamber members are entitled to unlimited access to our Chamber HR service as part of their Chamber membership.

This invaluable member benefit ensures that all members of Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce have access to compliant documentation, including contracts of employment, employee handbooks and health and safety policies, with the added protection of 24/7 expert advice from the free Chamber HR helpline.

HR Telephone Advice

Why pay for telephone advice that you can get for FREE?
With your Chamber membership you have access to employment law and human resource telephone advice for FREE! It is available when you want it (24/7) and you have unlimited access to qualified specialists on any employment law or human resource issue.

You don’t have to book a call, you just pick up the phone and call us on the telephone numbers below when you need help and you will receive friendly, down to earth and practical advice helping you every step of the way.
For instance:
• Is one of your employees constantly absent?
• Do you have a discipline issue?
• Have you a redundancy problem?

With the advice line you never have to face an employment or health and safety issue alone.

Pick up the phone today and speak to an advisor - for employment law/HR advice call the office on 01223 237414 for the helpline number.

HR Website

Why pay for documents when you can get them for FREE?
With your Chamber membership you also have access to a practical and easy to follow online reference manual in employment law and human resource. The web site has a bank of hundreds of documents which can be downloaded, edited, saved in your ‘My Account’ or in your own filing system.

You can download the documents as many times as you need and this is all for FREE!

For instance:
• Do you need a Contract of Employment template?
• Do you need policies to add to your Employee Handbook?
• Do you need to know how to deal with a disciplinary?

If you have a HR query please call the 24/7 advice line, remembering to quote your five-digit Chamber membership number. Call the office on 01223 237414 for the helpline number.

To access the online document library simply login to the Chamber HR website using your Chamber HR username and password - if you can't remember your unique login details, simply call the Chambers' Cambridge office on 01223 237414 and we'll send you a reminder.

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