Yemen Documentation Requirements

Stream I or Stream II Certificate of Origin and Invoice

Special Requirements
1. Agency agreements require Foreign and Commonwealth Office certificate prior to presentation for certification and legalisation. The Foreign and Commonwealth charge is 60.00 per document (VAT element 5.00) on top of the certification and legalisation fees.
2. Invoice should include the following declaration:"We certify that this is a true and correct invoice and that the goods referred to are of the origin, manufacture and production of ....... (insert country name)".

Certification Fees
Original documents submitted manually will cost 50.22 each (VAT element 8.37)
Original documents submitted electronically 55.02 each (VAT element 9.17)

If you are making a Stream II electronic application you should add a one off fee of 1.80 to cover the cost of the blank form when printed at the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce

There is now an express service available from the Embassy at the additional cost of 20 per document, please note this only speeds up the Embassy part of the process and does not affect the timescale for processing at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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