Potholes kicked into touch

Thursday 27 June 2019

Visitors to Shelford Rugby Club and the wider facilities at Davey Field’s no longer have to worry about the inadequate condition of the car-park on site, as a grant of £39,560 from local business Mick George Ltd has permitted a complete overhaul.

Having not been touched since a Clubhouse restructure project in 2000, the car-park has experienced much wear and tear leading to the formation of many potholes, cracks and surface deterioration which was only further hindered with the recent 3G pitch installation.

As well as serving the 1,000 members associated with the Rugby Club and other external group sessions, it is anticipated that the recent upgrades will serve as a starting point to reopen discussions with Addenbrookes Hospital as a possible overflow parking solution.

Louis Mann, Commercial Manager at Shelford Rugby Club, said: “The Club operates five senior men's teams, a women's team and 12 mini and youth teams for both girls and boys, and we’re keen to grow and develop further. For that to happen we recognise that we need to improve the overall experience of the Club, for which the car-park often forms the first impression for many. We’re grateful to Mick George Ltd for their contribution.”

Plans are now being formulated to improve the surrounding access roads to the facility in the future.

Stuart Costello, Marketing Manager at Mick George Ltd, commented: “As a business who operates a successful Earthworks division, we’re familiar with the benefits attributed to creating a stable and flat infrastructure such as car-parks. It’s good to see that yet another local group has benefited from the Community Fund programme.”

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