Allia announces The Future 20 - 20 exciting companies looking to change the world

Monday 1 July 2019

After a national call and an extensive application process, Allia Future Business Centres and its network of partners have selected 20 of the very best UK tech for good and social ventures for its new bespoke incubator.

Allia Future Business Centres, the home for social ventures and tech for good, recently held a launch event to announce the chosen ventures and give them an overview of the individual package of strategic support and practical business advice they will be able to access over the next 12-18 months.

Following an overwhelming response of applications, the successful chosen ventures are:

- COGZ: reducing food waste and creating a market for surplus food
- Playphysio: gaming solutions that transform children's daily physiotherapy routines
- Appt: Boosting preventative healthcare across demographic divides, whilst reducing NHS cost
- Sutrue: the world's first automated medical stitching devices reducing needlestick injury and saving hospitals time and money
- Banjo Robinson: Improving literacy for primary school children through engaging with letter writing from a magical cat
- Blue Tap: improves access to high quality drinking water in low resource settings
- Work for Good: enabling more charitable giving from SME businesses across the UK
- Maji: ensuring people have financial security and driving inclusion
- Greater Change: providing opportunities for homeless people through empathetic crowdfunding
- Disability Horizons: an online forum that aims to give disabled people a voice
- Twipes: Truly flushable and eco-friendly wet wipes
- Wearth: online shopping platform for all things eco and sustainable
- BEEN London: recycled bags and accessories reducing plastic and fashion industry waste
- Phycofeeds: generating solar bio oil and feedstocks from waste
- OceanMind: empowers enforcement and compliance to protect the world's fisheries
- Seedlink: creating sustainable agricultural supply chains by connecting rural farmers to urban markets
- Padlock: addressing the future workforce requirement in cyber security by training lone parents and work returners with key skills
- NEMI Teas: ethical tea company providing employment to refugees with Fairtrade, biodegradable and plastic free products
- Camnexus: enhancing digital communications in key industrial and productive sectors with operations on developing countries, improving connectivity networks in remote areas
- Supply Change: a social supply chain connecting buyers to social enterprises.

The aim of the programme is to support these 20 ventures with a no-cost, no-equity bespoke package tailored to their individual requirements, to help them refine their business models, scale and accelerate their success to create maximum impact.

At a buzzing launch event at Allia's Cambridge Future Business Centre, all ventures met for the first time, receiving an overview of what the incubator will bring over the coming 12-18 months. They also had the opportunity to meet with some of the programme's partners and advisors who will help Allia deliver the programme support. Each founder presented their venture in a bite-size pitch to introduce their solution and explain how it has the potential to create positive impact.

Caroline Hyde, CEO of Allia Future Business Centres, said: "We were delighted to finally meet our Future 20 This new incubator isn't about creating a structured programme, but fully understanding what each venture needs to move forward individually. We will work with our network of partners to access and leverage these requirements, building a bespoke package of support for each company.

"We are truly excited to see what we can achieve collaboratively over the next year."

Companies can choose to access workspace at one of Allia's three Future Business Centres in east London, Cambridge or Peterborough or through its network of partner locations across the UK.

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