Looking for business partnerships? Here’s how to find them…

Friday 22 January 2016

Enterprise Europe Network works with SMEs to help them to grow faster through tailored support, new commercial partnerships and access to finance.

Their extensive network of over 600 organisations across 63 countries in Europe and beyond bring together businesses and help establish commercial, technological and research partnerships.

A food and drink company could be looking for a distributor abroad, a biotech research centre looking for a partner to develop a new technology, or a university seeking partners to join a collaborative research project. Whatever the need, they can help you find the right partners.

They have a great facility to search for partners on their website, which anyone can use; you don’t have to be registered with them. Their partnering opportunities database is Europe’s largest database with over 10,000 research, technology and business opportunities that are accessible through simple searches. It means they can connect your business to prospective partners from across Europe and beyond. Updated daily, their experts offer SMEs the most promising international partnerships.

You can use this partnering opportunities database to search for new partners via the search facility on the website. You can also choose to register to receive regular updates or work with them closely to publish a partnership opportunity on their database to generate enquiries from prospective partners interested in working with you.

They can then connect you with selected parties and help you to broker a partnership.

How to search the partnering opportunities database:
Visit the website and enter a search term under ‘find international partners’. This can be refined in six simple ways:
1. By when it was posted
2. By tech profile – which features a process, product or thing that would benefit from collaboration with another company or university
3. By commercial profile – where clients are seeking agents, distributors or suppliers in another country
4. By research – clients seeking partners to join their bid for a specific European funding call, such as Horizon 2020
5. Offers – from clients offering the opportunity
6. Requests – from clients seeking help.

- You can manipulate the search terms to search for exact phrases, or to exclude a word
- Your technology may have multiple applications across different sectors so you can filter by partnership sought – e.g. by manufacturing agreement or distribution agreement, by industry sector, technology keyword, market keyword, by NACE code – European industry standard classification code and country of origin
- If you’re logged in you can set an email alert frequency and save
- When you see a profile that’s of interest you can express an interest (the first step in getting in contact with that business)
- An introduction will be forwarded to the Network Partner that published the profile and if their client is keen, we can put both parties in touch

Enterprise Europe Network in the East region is based at two locations in Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire
• BioPark, Broadwater Road, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 3AX
• St John’s Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge CB4 OWS
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