Government survey reveals more than 40 per cent never check payslips

Tuesday 29 March 2016

East of England workers advised to make sure they are getting new national living wage as government survey reveals more than 40 per cent never check payslips.

Workers are urged to take simple steps to make sure they receive the government’s new National Living Wage next month, after research reveals more than 40 per cent of employees in the east of England never check their payslips.

The survey for the government’s Step Up for Britain campaign finds 41 per cent of the lowest paid employees in the region fail to make this simple check against their earnings. But workers can take three steps to make sure they are eligible and receive the pay increase:
• Visit to check if you are eligible
• Use the website’s online calculator to see how much more you will be paid
• Check your payslip after 1 April; If you don’t receive the extra speak to your boss or talk to Acas for advice.

When it comes to checking payslips across the UK, those least likely to check were in the East of England and the North-West. Just behind them were those in the West Midlands (40 per cent) and London (37 per cent).

Those most likely to check their payslips were in the North- East, where just 11 per cent never bothered, followed by Wales and the South-West of England (21 per cent), Northern Ireland (24 per cent), Scotland (25 per cent) and Yorkshire and Humber (26 per cent).

The government’s Step Up For Britain campaign was launched in January to highlight the introduction of the National Living Wage on 1 April. More than one million workers are set to directly benefit from the increase, which sees the current National Minimum Wage rate of £6.70 increase by 50p for those aged 25 and over. Many on a full time wage will see pay packets rise by up to £900 a year.

So far, more than 580,000 people have visited the Step Up for Britain campaign website to find out what the increase will mean for workers and employers.

The government’s survey also revealed that 80 per cent of workers were likely to speak to their employers if they don’t get an increase.

Across the UK, the survey showed those most likely to have a conversation lived in the North-East (90 per cent), followed by the East of England (84 per cent) and the South-East (83 per cent). Those least likely to do so were in London, where 73 per cent would be likely to have a conversation. In Scotland, 80 per cent would speak with their boss, 77 per cent in Wales and 79 per cent in Northern Ireland.

Stewart Gee, Head of Information and Guidance at Acas, said: "Eligible workers should check what they are entitled to under these new changes and employers need to ensure that they are ready too.

“We are running a series of training events over the next few months to help organisations prepare for the new wage rates."

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