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Hannah Coetsee
Tuesday 12 July 2016

Hannah Coetsee, Marketing Executive of Conscious Communications shares her knowledge of using Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

Digital marketing needs to be part of a business’s coherent marketing strategy to ensure return on investment, but there are so many digital marketing methods that businesses large and small are not able to invest fully in every option – and nor should you.

It is important to assess the various digital platforms and methods that are available, and determine which will be most beneficial, and well suited, to you in delivering your business goals. Think of your activities in terms of how they will help you achieve your primary, secondary, and tertiary goals; for instance gaining followers and likes should be seen as tertiary goals (and are fairly meaningless alone), but if you are able to use these platforms to drive sales, boost visits to your website, and improve your brand image (primary and secondary goals), then you will achieve more return on investment from your digital activities.

As well as investing in the basics – of a user-friendly and up to date website – businesses should consider creating profiles on relevant social media platforms. But which platforms are relevant for your business? Businesses selling to consumers (B2C) will have greater success on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter. To find out more about whether your business would benefit from having a presence on Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube, and how to make the most of both the freely available and paid-for promotional opportunities of each, read our advice in full by downloading the document below.

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