The key to effective marketing collateral

Friday 20 May 2016

Sarah Brereton, Director of Limewash Media & Design Ltd shares the key points to effective marketing collateral.

Done well, marketing collateral will help you efficiently and effectively communicate your product or service to your target market, enhancing their understanding of the value your company could have for them in a visually appealing way.

Three considerations:

• It is quite possible that your collateral (eg brochure, business card or website) is the first point of contact prospects will have with your company. Consistently branded, well-designed, thoughtfully produced marketing materials make a good first impression and will help build credibility around what you do.

• Prospects won’t buy from you if your approaches to them don’t resonate, so be sure to consider which methods of communication are right for your various audiences and develop material that will speak to these different audiences. Taking a blanket ‘one brochure will fit for all’ approach won’t pay dividends in the long run.

• Production need not cost the earth. Innovative, creative can deliver your message without needing the bells and whistles of bespoke production to make it stand out. ‘Special effects’ certainly do have their place but they dramatically increase the production cost. Consider your options carefully and ask yourself what’s appropriate for you.

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