Protect your business with Cyboar

Wednesday 13 September 2017

DSM have created a Cyber Security arm specialising in security solutions, ethical hacking and pen testing.

The threat to businesses from cybercrime is now recognised as potentially having the most serious impact on an organisation as well as being the most likely.

Cyboar will not just identify the vulnerabilities within your system but also implement recommendations to mitigate the risk, not simply from a one off assessment but as an ongoing service to ensure your resilience measures keep pace with the ever-changing methods of cyber criminals.

Cyboar will carry out a series of security assessment services to identify any weaknesses in your security perimeter before they can be exploited by harmful criminals, then recommend and implement fixes before re-assessing to ensure effectiveness. This must be an ongoing cycle to keep one step ahead of the bad boys.

Cyboar will be launched on Wednesday 4 October with one of our specialists running an afternoon workshop including a live hack demonstration.

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