Companies given the opportunity to understand the challenges to successfully enter the US market with confidence

Wednesday 4 April 2018

Exporters will be turning their attention to the US market at a special event taking place in Cambridge this month.

In March 2018, Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce processed documents relating to £832,000 worth of exports to the US. It is the world’s largest consumer market and Britain's largest single export market, making it a fascinating and diverse place for UK exporters.

Working in partnership with Avitus Group, the event will guide you through the process of establishing a presence in the US market to be able to operate successfully.

Key opportunities for UK businesses lie in food and drink, life sciences, pharmaceutical, health equipment, clean technology, energy and power, advanced engineering, creative and media and professional services.

A panel of experts will talk through a number of facets such as how to develop a successful export strategy, protecting designs and brands in the US, visa and immigration plus the economic picture of Fairfax, a city in Northern Virginia, and the State of Tennessee.

Confirmed speakers include Frank Levene from Avitus Group, Claire Sugden from Stobbs IP, and Gary Shelis from Department for International Trade.

This event is sponsored by Avitus Group, specialists in helping companies enter the US market.

Doing Business in the US
Wednesday 18 April, 8.30am-12.00pm
Murray Edwards College, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge

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