Huntingdon language firm keeps business in the family

Tuesday 15 May 2018

In an industry focussed on the importance of service and a shared enthusiasm for languages, its no wonder family firms thrive in the UKs translation sector, with Association of Translation Company member Anglia Translations Ltd amongst those keeping business in the bloodline.

Not only have children brought up with parents running businesses in the translation industry picked up the necessary enthusiasm for languages to be successful in the sector, but family bonds can produce great business teamwork with a mutual understanding that also gives space for creativity.

Huntingdon-based Anglia Translations Ltd was founded by Anthony Withers in 1992, while his daughter Mary Gilbey started her career on a different path before joining the business as Sales Manager in 2014.

Mary had studied French and Spanish at university before travelling for a couple of years. She then established herself in various international sales roles, including working with one global radio communications company for 13 years.

The mother-of-two said the time became right for her to enter the family business when she joined as Sales Manager, and within two years she became Managing Director.

My Dad had been thinking of retiring and selling the business. Meanwhile the company I was working for was closing their UK office and to stay with them meant a move to Austria, which I didnt want, said Mary.

I didnt even give a thought to joining my Dads company after university, but after establishing my career elsewhere, it was a good solution for both of us at the time. It would have been sad for him to have sold it, and it gave me the chance to run my own business.

As he had been thinking of selling the business, it wasnt being pushed forward and I undertook an active marketing and re-branding campaign. I took over the business as Managing Director in 2016, and I love being in control of what we do. My Dad is still involved as a Director and looks after one particular client. Hes also there for advice, and its worked out really well for both of us.

Successful teamwork throughout the translation sector has actually helped the UKs language services industry grow by seven per cent in 2016 and look set to gross more than 1.15bn in 2017(1), according to the ATCs latest study.

1. UK Language Industry 2017

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