Maggie's Centre support employers, employees and colleagues affected by cancer

Monday 21 May 2018

Maggie's Centre Cambridge to hold workshop to provide guidance, education and information on how to manage and support employees dealing with cancer.

Across the UK there are more than 560,000 people with cancer who are working, further 63,000 people who want to work and it is estimated that there will be 1.1 million people with cancer in the workforce by 2030.

A diagnosis of cancer can be totally overwhelming and the physical effects of a treatment, knowing how to deal with all the practical, emotional and psychological issues, can knock people sideways. Maggie's is a charity that offers free support to people with cancer, their family and friends, from diagnosis throughout living with the effects after cancer.

Our Centre, based at Addenbrooke's Hospital, helps people to achieve the best possible state of psychological and physical health during diagnosis, treatment and during their cancer journey.

In 2017, nearly 8,000 visited our Maggie's Cambridge's site; many of them were working or indeed working while caring for a loved one. We understand the challenges of going back to work after a treatment or working while undergoing a treatment. And to support employers, Maggie's is holding a workshop focused on cancer in the workplace.

The workshop will be held on Friday 10 August from 8.00-10.00am at Maggie's Centre, Addenbrooke's Hospital. The aim of the workshop is to provide a guidance, education and information on how to manage and support employees who have just been diagnosed with cancer, employees caring for a family member or a close friend, to support them and help them return back to work as appropriate. Attendees will gain a better insight into the issues of cancer and be better equipped in setting up open, practical and systematic framework for their organisation.

The workshop is open to anyone who manages a team, for example HR managers, Senior/Mid Managers, Team Leaders. To book your free place please call Andrea Chupacova on 01223 249220 / 07557 265462 or email (spaces are limited, early booking advisable).

Alternatively, if you feel that your organisation or one of your teams could benefit from this workshop, get in touch with us as we can organise a tailored on-site visit.

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