Learn how to be more effective in business

Tuesday 5 June 2018

Two courses coming up later this month from Cambridge Network's Learning Collaboration are designed to help you become more effective in business.

The first will teach you how to take meeting minutes with confidence, while the other introduces coaching - putting it into context, explaining its place in an organisation and the role it plays in helping people to learn, grow and stay motivated under stress.

Minute-taking with confidence: writing effective minutes on Monday 18 June, kindly hosted at Eagle Labs (7-8 Clifton Court, Cherry Hinton Road, CB1 7BN) is a single day workshop that will help you to prepare, produce and polish minutes with confidence.

We all have our views on meetings, and to a great extent, what we think of them depends on their purpose, formality, duration and usefulness. However, it would be a rare individual indeed who relished the prospect of writing the minutes.

Minutes provide a summary of what was discussed and a record of agreed actions and outputs, yet so often these are published too late to be of any use. Why is it that we put off this important task? What do we fear? Why are so many minutes unreadable and useless?

Designed for delegates at all levels, this course includes both writing skills and interpersonal techniques. It will also build the confidence you need to take control and elicit the information you need to write excellent minutes.

Find out more and sign up here.

Coaching: an introductory workshop on Tuesday 26 June at the same venue, Eagle Labs (7-8 Clifton Court, Cherry Hinton Road, CB1 7BN) is a one-day session that will earn you 6.5 CPD points.

It will be ideal for you if you are:

* New to coaching and want to find out more about it
* Looking for a chance to practise your skills in a safe and supportive space
* Someone who prefers to begin with clear guidelines and a proven framework
* Leading a team and wanting to help them to think better and work more effectively.

The greatest part of the day will be spent in practising the frameworks and skills that make great coaches.

Find out more and sign up here.

Did you know that Cambridge Network membership means you automatically have the right to book on to any Learning Collaboration course at any time? A wide spectrum of soft skills, technical and leadership development courses are on offer throughout the year, so sign up now to build your capabilities. Cambridge Network's Learning Collaboration is a CPD training provider, registered and certified with THE CPD STANDARDS OFFICE, and many of its courses will earn you valuable CPD points.

The Learning Collaboration works on behalf of Cambridge Network members to organise, purchase and share training and management development opportunities, delivered locally. That means all members benefit from economies of scale, gaining improved access to high quality professional training courses at value-for-money prices.

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