Buckles lawyer offers expert advice at national French property seminar

Tuesday 24 July 2018

As leading local experts in French property law, Buckles Solicitors LLP were among key speakers at a national seminar in London on the subject.

Associate solicitor at the firm’s Stamford office, Sally Dilks, was invited to give professional and expert advice at the recent FrenchEntree event organised by the French Media Group – a seminar offering tips and advice to people looking to buy a property in France.

Sally was among a group of key speakers to offer a legal insight into purchasing a property in France; alongside information on foreign currency exchange, mortgages, tax and purchasing trends.

She said: “This was a great opportunity for me to meet and speak with many people who are looking to embark on an exciting, but also daunting journey of buying a property in France. Guiding people step by step through the process and helping to ease that journey gives myself and indeed Buckles a great sense of satisfaction.

“We presented to around 40 people planning to buy a property in France in the next few months. On a show of hands, it turned out that nearly all of them are planning a permanent move to France (probably before the Implementation Period following Brexit expires in December 2020, to secure their right to work and to access education and healthcare, as set out in the Withdrawal Agreement), rather than just wanting to buy a holiday home.

“Buckles provides expert advice in all aspects of French and Spanish property law for individuals and property-owning companies. We provide bilingual assistance in relation to all aspects of buying, owning and selling a property in France or Spain, whether you are a non-French speaking client or more familiar with France or Spain and their legal systems.”

For more details about the service, visit www.buckles-law.co.uk/site/services_for_you/french_law/.