Headway accreditation for Marbrook Centre

Friday 3 August 2018

Headway the UK's largest brain injury charity have accredited The Marbrook Centre's specialist brain injury rehabilitation service as one of their Approved Providers.

The Centre's active rehabilitation service was assessed against Headway's best practice to ensure those living with complex physical and cognitive impairment are supported to the highest standards. Marbrook's multidisciplinary team which includes Therapists, Nurses and Senior Team, all demonstrated the in-depth skill set to enable those living post brain injury, a future with the highest quality life.

"Since moving to Marbrook Levi's improvement has been significant. She has benefitted from the one to one therapy sessions such as, physio, speech and language, occupational therapy, music therapy and the resident psychologist offering support" commented Levi's parents.

Kathy Bullock, Chief Executive Officer for Headway Cambridgeshire, said: "We are really pleased that The Marbrook Centre have achieved Headway UK Preferred provider accreditation. It's great for the county to have specialist provision, providing increased choice and resources for people with a brain injury."

Lesa McAnulty, Chief Operating Officer for Marbrook, commented: "Our very positive CQC inspection report (rated Good) received just last week was reason to be proud of our achievements, but it is wonderful to have also received this challenging accreditation. The standards required are high and a huge congratulations is in order for the wonderful Team Marbrook who collectively cleared the hurdles to reap the award It is so much more than a badge; it is evidence of our dedicated and unwavering determination to help people who have had life changing experiences be the best they possibly can and have a future to enjoy."

Levi - the story so far
Our Daughter Levi is a 25 year old former fitness instructor who was admitted to hospital at Addenbrookes after a near fatal car accident in August 2017. She spent six weeks in intensive care before being transferred to Northwick Park hospital in North London to begin her rehabilitation. The prognosis by the consultant surgeon at Addenbrookes was that Levi may never walk or talk again and may have little in the way of cognitive skills due to the tears in her brain. During this time she was in a state of unconscious awareness and it was several months before she emerged from this state into conscious awareness. She continued to improve and once she needed only minimal medication it was time to move to a more specialised rehabilitation unit and in February 2018 she was given a place at The Marbrook Centre in St Neots where she currently resides undergoing intense rehabilitation.

Since moving to Marbrook her improvement has been significant and she has benefitted from the one to one therapy sessions. The whole ethos of Marbrook is designed to make the residents and their loved ones more optimistic about the future. The whole team at Marbrook from the top down are committed to providing a first class level of service. The care workers are professional and attentive to Levi's needs and engage with her one to one which we feel is massively important. The goals that have been set have been achieved and excelled and Levi continues to make great strides not only literally but physically and thanks to the dedication of all the staff she is now able to walk using a frame and her speech is reaching new heights day by day. The facilities she/we enjoy at Marbrook are of the highest order and it gives us as parents the peace of mind we crave knowing that she is receiving the best care possible. Being a young woman it is important that she gains back her independence as quickly as is possible and with the help and encouragement of the Marbrook team she is now able to do things that six months ago we thought she would never do again. She now comes home at the weekends in preparation for her eventual transition from Marbrook to home. We now look forward to the future as we know that Levi has been given the chance to begin life all over again and that is testament all the wonderful people who have supported her on her journey so far.

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