Peterborough charities come together to host the 2018 Big Sleep Out

Friday 3 August 2018

To tie into Peterborough's 900 campaign, YMCA Trinity Group, Hope into Action and The Light Project Peterborough are joining forces this autumn to host Peterborough's Big Sleep Out.

Building on Sleep Easy 2017, the goal of the event is to raise awareness of homelessness in the city and the charities have a target of 900 hours of sleeping rough to generate funds to support those in need.

The event will take place on Friday 28 September 2018 at Peterborough Cathedral, and will last from 7.00pm-7.00am.

Jonathan Martin, Chief Executive of YMCA Trinity Group said: "From previous experience, this can be an eye-opening event for many people who take part. It is a particularly significant event this year and we're delighted to be working in conjunction with the Peterborough 900 Campaign as well as our fellow charities."

Participants are required to pay an entry fee of 10 for an adult or 17 for a family (2 adults and 2 children). All funds raised will be split between the organisations to be used to tackle homelessness in Peterborough.

YMCA Trinity Group, Hope into Action and Light Project Peterborough provide a variety of services to support those in need. Together they house and support rough sleepers, young people, vulnerable single adults and families across Peterborough.

The Big Sleep Out will consist of activities that give participants an experience of what it is like to actually sleep on the streets. On the night, they will be provided with hot refreshments, entertainment and materials needed to make their shelter.

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