All change at Positive Networking

Thursday 23 August 2018

After over three and a half years on the Peterborough business scene, Positive Networking are fundamentally changing the way they operate in response to the changing needs of current small business owners.

Fortnightly Thursday night meetings at the Orton Hall Hotel will change to monthly
Registration charges, membership subscriptions and sponsorship fees are all being slashed
An Affiliate programme is being introduced for 'pay-as-you-go' networkers
Instead of separate 'speaker' events and 'networking activity' events, at most meetings delegates will get both - making for the most action-packed sessions in the area.

Mike Stokes, director and founder of the group, explained that these changes are being implemented to:
1. Make the group more attractive to new members
2. Deliver even greater value per meeting for existing members and
3. Introduce a flexibility for occasional networkers.

The new format kicks off on Thursday 6 September, starting at 6.00pm. During the first half of the evening one of Positive Networking's most popular activities 'Pair And Share' will run and then after the break the excellent Stuart Cross will present '25 Ways To Lead Your Market'.

Details can be found at or by calling Mike Stokes on 07887 651394.

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