The one content marketing hack for accounting firms

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Discover how accounting firms can make the most of their blog posts and content marketing opportunities.

The accounting industry is incredibly competitive. On appearance many firms seem to offer a similar range of services so, it can be difficult to get across why someone might choose one over another particularly when typical USP's such as price are not explicit. Therefore how each firm markets itself is where each firm needs to identify their differentiation and get ahead.

The aim of digital marketing is often very simple: to enhance brand awareness or to generate new business. Through content marketing online firms can increase new site visitors, enhance their brand perception and generate new business. It's all in the knowledge of understanding how to implement these content marketing techniques.

The very first thing to consider with your content plan is that while there are techniques, there are no tricks. Producing short posts that don't offer any real actionable advice won't get anyone anywhere. There has to be a genuine interest in helping to educate or entertain your audience - the marketing aspect comes second.

Transforming traditional news posts

Reporting on the latest news can sometimes be useful to demonstrate the firm's expertise and help client retention by sharing these thoughts to clients through email marketing and social media channels. It shows that you're on the ball.

However, it isn't such a good tactic in terms of enhancing brand awareness or generating new business. That topic you've reported on is more than likely to have been covered by several other more authoritative outlets. What's more, it may have taken you much longer to get it signed off too - and, who reads yesterday's newspapers?

There's a great way of overcoming these problems. That is to produce an article that takes a reflective look at recent news once the dust has settled. For example rather than reporting on a new piece of legislation, you could instead provide an outlook of what might this mean over the next six months. E.g. "15 ways in which new legislation will affect businesses going forward". Doing this will not only give you an extra few days to produce that article for your audience, but also provide you with much more unique and carefully crafted content with a longer shelf life. It will give your post a greater chance of ranking in Google for particular key terms and therefore generate new visitors over time.

Finding your topics

There are lots of tactics in finding out what questions to pose. One way is to Google a broader question like "what does an accountant do". On that results page further down the page Google may suggest four other related questions. Simply click on one of these and Google will keep suggesting more and more questions and ideas for your content. Other simple tactics might just include scanning through some of the textbooks and noting down some terminology that could be explored further. There are also several keyword research tools available including Answer the Public, a free service to identify related questions to your topic. Producing well-written evergreen content is the way to go. As a guideline you'll need at least around 800 words to make it be seen as a quality article, both in the eyes of Google and users. You might think that's a tough task, but it's far better to produce three high quality articles a month than thirty poor ones.

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