New dog exercise facility at Wood Green

Tuesday 25 September 2018

A new dog exercise facility has been created at Wood Green Animal Shelter, Godmanchester courtesy of a £10,000 grant from local construction business Mick George Ltd which has contributed towards the full £40,000 investment.

What was previously a disused area of plain grassland adjacent to site parking spaces, has now been transformed in to a creative and stimulating fitness area for both; resident and community dogs alike.

The shelter typically homes up to 60-70 dogs at any one time and completes over 300 dog behavioural and assessment training sessions each year, so the recent improvements are much welcomed.

An abundance of new features have been added, these include; timber and tyre obstacles that will test agility, a sensory area with planting, walking routes and textured paving, as well as fencing and gates to keep the dogs safe. For those who are looking to enjoy general bonding time with the animals, the new amenity also incorporates sheltered seating.

Tom O’ Connell, Department Manager for Dog Rehoming, said: “The sensory garden will provide a versatile area for the dogs in our care to spend valuable time away from the sometimes stressful kennel environment. Providing an opportunity for the dogs to enjoy time off lead exploring and exercising in a safe place.

“This area will have a significantly positive impact, particularly for dogs suffering with stress and anxiety, allowing them the time to bond with staff and enjoy an enriched and calm environment that will increase their wellbeing.”

The recent enhancements are just the start of further developments scheduled at the charity’s headquarters. A new Hydrotherapy Pool, Grooming Room and kennel upgrades are also planned for the near future.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd, commented: “Over the years we have given support to various groups that have improved the welfare of animals, natural habitats and conservation areas, as we recognise the joy that each of these things bring to our local communities. We’re sure that will be no different on this occasion.

“The dog exercise area will complement the modern facilities already offered at Wood Green Animal Shelter, further reinforcing their status as one of the largest animal rehoming centres in Europe. We are fortunate to have such expertise on our doorsteps.”

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