Euro Road Safety’s Vehicle Sign System for learner drivers gains attention from driving instructors

Monday 8 October 2018

Following the launch of Euro Road Safety’s Insight Vehicle Sign System in March of this year, the product has gained the attention of driving instructors interested by an innovative alternative to traditional L and P plates.

Euro Road Safety, specialists in the development and design of road safety products, initially launched Insight to provide learner and newly qualified drivers with extra confidence that they are visible and will be given due consideration by other road-users. However, there has been increased interest from driving instructors and the product was showcased at the Driving Instructor Show in Manchester earlier this year.

Feedback from driving instructors includes:
“They fit on the back window securely, without obscuring the blind spot, they work well at speed.”
“I bought the L and P plate system primarily for those times when I didn't want to use a headboard but didn't want to mess with magnetic L plates, which are a pain to fit securely.”

With new regulations now allowing learner drivers on motorways it has become even more important for learners to stay visible on the road. The unique design of the system means that whatever model of car is being driven, the sign will appear at an easy-to-see 90-degree angle to the car door and will not impair the driver’s rear view. It is clearly visible up to 50 metres in front or behind the vehicle.

Euro Road Safety has now created a ‘How-To’ video, which can be viewed on their website, demonstrating how this unique product should be fitted.

The system fits securely over the glass of the passenger window (driver side) and can be easily removed when the driver is required to park up and leave their vehicle. Unlike magnetic L plates, it will not become unattached while driving and is easier to remove than self-adhesive plates.

Made from Polypropylene (PP), a durable moulded plastic, Insight is long-lasting, easy to fit securely and protrudes no more than the vehicle manufacturer’s factory-fitted wing mirror.

Inventor, Phil Thorpe, said: “If L plates fall off while the car is being driven, it leaves the learner at risk of accidents because other drivers will not anticipate quick braking or slower manoeuvres. I worked with Euro Road Safety to develop a robust product that could offer learner drivers more reassurance that they will be treated with consideration on the roads and was pleased to hear that we have recently been selected as finalists for an Innovation award!”

Insight is sold with both L and P plate stickers included and is available to buy via the official website

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