FlexiSolar launch 'Driving Solar Evolution'

Monday 22 October 2018

FlexiSolar has launched a new communications campaign set to encourage new solar conversation and inspire renewed commitment to large-scale solar solutions.

New communications campaign set to encourage new solar conversation and inspire renewed commitment to large-scale solar solutions.

The integrated large-scale solar carport specialist FlexiSolar has shared details of its new communications campaign launched this week; designed to reiterate the importance of solar and FlexiSolar's continuing commitment to it.

Launched to tie in with FlexiSolar's first anniversary of its Innovate UK supported launch in October 2017, 'Driving Solar Evolution' is a unique series of communications developed to inspire renewed commitment to on-site renewable energy generation projects from large-scale solar carports.

FlexiSolar has already proven itself as a leader in large-scale solar solutions, with its projects for clients such as Bentley Motors and Sutton Council demonstrating how the solar carport approach impacts both large organisations and local communities. With solar technology continuing to develop, the benefits continuing to build and the number of businesses showing their support continuing to rise, 'Driving Solar Evolution' is FlexiSolar's response, to encourage greater understanding and wider commitment across the UK.

Speaking about its new campaign, Sales Director of FlexiSolar, Guy Morrison said: "The large-scale solar carport concept is the very DNA of our business and our belief in its impact is at the heart of our team. But this isn't just advanced thinking for energy generation and EV charging - it's an essential and financially beneficial technology advancement for all businesses and communities and it's important that we continue to spread this message."

Guy continued: "Demands on energy continue to increase. We know that today's businesses are already energy conscious, but it's not enough. Through 'Driving Solar Evolution', we call on the forward-thinking businesses of tomorrow to show that they are truly committed to energy security and carbon reduction."

FlexiSolar will be sharing its 'Driving Solar Evolution' insights on social media using the hashtag #DrivingSolar, as well as at sector events and in the press - to highlight how the solar decisions our energy conscious businesses make today will make a real difference to the planet of tomorrow.

Driving Solar Evolution is also part of FlexiSolar's journey to EMEX - the UK's flagship energy event for those wanting to increase their organisation's energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. FlexiSolar will be exhibiting at the ExCel in London from 21-22 November 2018, with the team due to confirm show plans shortly.

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