CRC welcomes VIP visitors

Wednesday 31 October 2018

Cambridge Regional College (CRC) has played host to two VIP visitors this week in support of the ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ campaign that the College, students and staff support.

Alex Mayer, MEP for the East of England, visited the College’s Huntingdon campus while Daniel Zeichner, MP for Cambridge joined the students and staff at the Cambridge campus on Wear Red Day to show their support for the campaign.

Show Racism the Red Card is an anti-racism educational charity that is focused on fighting racism through enabling role models to present an anti-racist message to young people and others. Wear Red Day is a national day of action which encourages schools, businesses and individuals to wear red and donate to help facilitate the delivery of anti-racism education for young people.

Following his visit, Daniel Zeichner MP said he was delighted to see the support of students at CRC’s Cambridge Campus, which proved they really cared about the issue. He commented “Fighting racism is an important issue for our communities and it is something that we must continue to be vigilant about. This city has a long tradition of being opening, welcoming and inclusive and I am sure that future generations will keep it that way.”

Alex Mayer MEP also found her visit to the Huntingdon Campus rewarding. “I was very pleased to wear red - not unusual for a Labour politician, with Huntingdon students in support of Show Racism the Red Card Week. These students prove we can look forward to a bright future in a tolerant and open country and hopefully kick racism out of society for good."

Trudie McGuiness, Assistant Principal, from Cambridge Regional College, said: “We were delighted to host these dignitaries at our Cambridge and Huntingdon campuses. It was a great opportunity to show how aware our students are about racism issues and the solutions required to eliminate it. By wearing something red and contributing towards funding to educate people, we can all support this very important topic.”

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