Cambridge Regional College set to inspire young people with a unique Junior Job Coach training programme

Thursday 15 November 2018

Cambridge Regional College has developed a unique training programme, the first of its kind in the UK, designed to empower apprentices to become coaches and mentors to fellow apprentices.

Following a series of ERASMUS meetings (a European Union student exchange programme), with representatives from Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, Romania and the UK, six key competences were identified - Engagement, Analysis, Confidentiality/Reliability, Problem Solving, Reassurance/Affirmation, Communication and Personal Development. These form the basis of a Competence Framework, to deliver the most desirable learning outcomes for a student or apprentice in the role of a Junior Job Coach (JJC).

Once qualified, a JJC will be able to offer peer-to-peer coaching to fellow apprentices to achieve their own goals, providing leadership direction, setting boundaries and handling information carefully and confidentially. Suitable for apprentices at the end of their first year, or just starting their apprenticeship, the programme is delivered over a two-day period, with maximum flexibility to suit individual needs.

Conceived following a similar successful programme in the Netherlands, the unique Junior Job Coach programme can also be tailored to meet the different national systems throughout Europe. It will be introduced in the UK, via a series of test programmes, in January 2019 before its official roll out in Brussels in March 2019.

Trudie McGuinness, Assistant Principal – International, at Cambridge Regional College, said: “We are now seeking accreditation in the UK, with a view to expanding the Junior Job Coach training programme across Europe. With employers benefiting from an additional toolkit, at no additional cost, it’s a win-win for everyone and we are very confident that this training programme will bring many benefits to both employer and employee.”

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