randd uk secure 32,000 in R&D Tax Credits for a Cambridgeshire-based Trade Association

Tuesday 8 January 2019

Recognised as industry leaders in their field, randd uk are R&D tax credits experts with a decade of specialist experience.

Introduced in 2000, the R&D tax credits scheme was established by the government to boost the economy through UK innovation.

Founded in 2008, randd uk have a 100 per cent success rate and have rewarded UK clients with over 90 million (so far); the team are on track to hit the 100M mark by the end of 2018, celebrating randd uk's tenth anniversary in style. With an average of over 50,000, randd uk work closely with clients year after year to ensure they receive the optimum amount of R&D tax credits deserved.

Our reputation is built upon hard work, approachability and specialist knowledge. We strive to provide a first-class service to maximise the claim size with minimal effort required from the client; friendly team members are available to assist at every stage to simplify the process.

Tom Painter, a client from the animation industry, said: "We're grateful for the expertise of randd who have a long history of successful claims and a good relationship with HMRC."

Every claim starts with an initial chat to determine eligibility, the correct scheme to apply for (SME or RDEC) and which projects qualify. Technical experts visit the client to go through R&D projects and use this information to write a report. This is then submitted to HMRC along with the financial figures which are collated by R&D Consultants in-house. To ease the process, we work with the client's finance department, their Accountant and liaise with HMRC.

Simon McArdle, Managing Director at Webscript Designs, remarked: "You've made a complex and potentially problematic process almost quite pleasant and very worthwhile."

Rewarding Innovation
R&D tax credits have helped businesses across the UK to grow, financially sustain innovation and invest in more employees. The scheme covers a broad range of sectors from manufacturing, engineering, pharmaceutical and software development through to less obvious sectors for R&D such as food processors, packaging firms and even farmers.

For example, a trade association receives 32,000 in R&D tax credits for a first claim covering two years. The trade body represents the promotional merchandise industry and is dedicated to promoting best practice in sourcing, manufacturing, branding and distribution. Research and development is carried out as the team constantly evaluate different methods of education delivery, including online learning, classroom learning, on-the-job experiences, quizzes, articles, white papers, books, videos, peer-to-peer learning and more. Software development requires immense R&D to create personalised and bespoke experiences for members.

Partnerships with Accountants
As leaders in R&D tax credits in the UK, we've had a significant impact on the finance industry. We work in partnership with Accountants and the majority of our referrals still come through word-of-mouth recommendations. Referring clients to randd uk benefits accountancy practices and financial firms who receive a referral fee and strengthen relationships with their own clients.

"We regularly refer our clients to randd uk and have no hesitation in doing so, knowing they take the time to understand our clients' organisations, and provide them with expert advice in relation to R&D Tax Credits. All of the clients we've referred have been successful in securing credits as a result of working with randd uk."
Yvonne Jackson, Partner at Clayton & Brewill Chartered Accountants

Instead of becoming a multi-disciplined accountancy practice, we specialised in R&D tax credits to acquire expert knowledge of the scheme and optimise claim sizes. With 10 years of filing cases daily, we fully understand every aspect of the scheme and eligible R&D activities. Particularly for clients in unusual sectors, our dedicated team can recognise and show businesses that their day-to-day operations are actually qualifying technological advancements.

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