The Power of Social Media - Turn Why into Wow...

Tuesday 19 February 2019

Holiday Inn Peterborough - West
Thorpe Wood

NatWest invites you to this complimentary event hosted by Luv4 Marketing.

Is Your Marketing Achieving The Results For Your Business?

Leads drive growth. We will take you through the platforms that drive leads to your business together with how to have your campaigns running profitably from month one.

Whatever your efforts to date, you will take away key learnings of how to drive leads into your business from multiple sources and the difference between each.

Also learn:
- How to benefit from a 12,000 government funded digital marketing apprenticeship
- Have a 90 day plan you will believe in
- Have the confidence to grow.

Limited places available. Register Today

We will be speaking on the following topics:

The ROI of social media is your business will still exist in five years
- Learn why we no longer have a choice on whether we DO social media marketing and why now it's simply how well we do it
- Grow your social media followings with targeted audiences you can nurture through a process to becoming a customer, driving profits to your business
- Create a social media strategy which trains your team to become a co-ordinated marketing force.

Learn to leverage your content and your time
- Learn how to leverage your content across many platforms
- Build organic social communities that create the content for you driving engaged customers to your business
- Create initiatives that promote user engagement and master story-telling to enhance your brand presence online.

Create a social media lead system you can turn on like a tap
- Capture your audience with specific messages and segment them to deliver the content they want most
- Integrate your social media platforms with landing pages and your CRM system to generate targeted leads as efficiently as possible
- Segment your audience with targeted messages to deliver only the content they want the most.

Understand How Your Website Connects With Your Social Strategy
- Which converts the visitors from organic search or social engagement
- Gain SEO rankings for lead generation as well as your brand
- Understand how the social footprints connects into your Social Marketing.

By attending this complimentary event, you will receive three gifts worth 897
FREE Marketing Audit RRP 199
FREE Marketing Strategy Review RRP 399
FREE Access to 1 eLearning Course RRP 299

Please note that this event is open to all - you don't have to be a NatWest customer to attend.

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