Tech forum explores brands and growing consumer power

Tuesday 12 February 2019

How can you use technology to your business advantage and design your brand to succeed in a world where the consumer now seems to hold all the power?

A day-long forum on Friday 22 March, Tech for Empowerment, gives Cambridge companies the opportunity to find out from global thought leaders - and to promote their own tech solutions by exhibiting at the event.

The balance of power seems to be shifting from big brands and companies to the consumer. In hands-on workshops at the Amandla: Tech for Empowerment Global Forum at Cambridge Corn Exchange, Silicon Valley brand guru Marty Neumeier will teach you how to 'flip' your brand and become a 'mini-movement'.

Best-selling authors Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms will examine where the new balance of power now lies. You can discover whether blockchain tech is fad or future with blockchain expert, Danny Hazem Al Nakib.

This, the third Tech for Empowerment Forum, is attracting attendees from all over the world. If you're looking to increase awareness of your own brand, this forum will be a great place to take exhibition space. Exhibitors benefit from a special discounted deal; find out more by clicking here.

About the event
The day-long forum offers you hands-on workshops from leaders and influencers in complementary fields:

Workshop: Brand Transformation: How to flip your brand
Learn how to make your brands work for you in a two-hour workshop with Silicon Valley brand guru, Marty Neumeier, author of The Brand Gap and The Brand Flip, which lays out a new process for building brands in the age of social media and customer dominance. His most recent book, Scramble, is a 'business thriller' about how to build a brand quickly using 'agile strategy'.

Workshop: How power works in our hyperconnected world - and how to make it work for you
Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms reveal the new methods and mindsets that are propelling some leaders and organisations to extraordinary success. They confront the stories of our time -the rise of mega-platforms like Facebook and Uber; the out-of-nowhere victories of Obama and Trump; the unexpected emergence of movements like #MeToo-and reveal what's really behind them: the rise of 'new power'.

Their work offers completely new insights into how leaders and organisations can spread ideas, build movements around their products or causes, develop new business models, reimagine their workplaces and lead organisations to success in our radically altered world. Their thinking on 'new power' was featured as the Big Idea in Harvard Business Review, as one of 2014's top TED talks with more than 1.25m views, and by CNN as one of the ten top ideas to change the world in 2015.

A third workshop focuses on Understanding Blockchain and Distributed Ledge Technology (DLT) and its potential for your organisation. The event will also feature short talks from Councillor Lewis Herbert and Cambridge Network CEO Claire Ruskin as well as a networking lunch with up to 300 delegates.

Get three passes for the price of two
You can of course, sign up for a single day ticket... but sign up for an exhibition stand on the day and you'll get three passes for the price of two plus an exhibition table and space for your banner stand.

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