T R Freeman completes re-roof at high security compound

Friday 22 February 2019

T R Freeman, part of the Kershaw Group, has recently completed the re-roof of two accommodation blocks and a general administration building at a high-security compound.

The existing asphalt roof areas were approximately 50 years old and with age had started to deteriorate.
Previous repairs were failing and a new roofing solution was required.

Following a successful tender process with T R Freeman in competition against three other companies, we were brought on board to strip the existing roof and replace with a new insulated Trocal system.

As far as re-roofs go, there was nothing extraordinary about the project, however, the nature of the facility meant there were many challenges facing the team throughout the duration of the programme.

The project was classed as very high-security, meaning all T R Freeman staff involved were subjected to strict clearance procedures and were required to follow very tight security protocol and controls. All equipment to be used on site had to be registered and accounted for and the team were required to have a security escort at all times. The use of any objects containing blades was restricted and monitored, with a security escort taking control of the equipment whilst not in use.

The re-roofing of the buildings required the existing roof to be stripped and disposed of into waste bags and the removal of the redundant asphalt breather vents to be undertaken before the surface could be cleared ready to receive the new finishes. Whilst normally a relatively straight-forward preparation - conditions of the contract meant no waste was allowed to be kept on site. All redundant materials needed to be taken to an off-site compound for storage and due to the security protocols in place, each trip could take in excess of two hours.

The contract, which was originally planned for the summer months, with lighter and longer days available, was pushed back by the client and ended up falling in the midst of winter. This led to the originally labour team being drafted onto different jobs and requirement of an increased amount of labour on site at any one time, to make up for the shorter days.

Once the team had prepped the buildings for the new roof, they raised the existing roof vents to ensure they had the minimum upstand clearance to meet the new system requirements. The team then installed the new Trocal primer and VCL system, 100mm Trocal InnoBond insulation and light grey Trocal SGK single ply membrane. However, due to the cold weather of the winter months when the temperature fell below 5C the work on site would have to be put on hold as it was below the working range of the adhesive for the Trocal system.

After a few weather-related delays, the team managed to complete the main re-roof and moved on to the finishing details such as fitting new upstand details encapsulating the existing coping stones and installing new gutters and gullies.

All of the existing outlets were replaced with new PVC Trocal units and all of the side chutes and suppers were made good to. In addition, new Trocal abutment details were fitted as required to the upstands, roof lights and vents. New Trocal SVP weatherings were installed and a new Trocal walkway was put into a new layout.

The project lasted approximately eight months, in which time the team became familiar with the extra security protocols and controls in place. They completed it to client satisfaction, and look forward to working on additional projects of a similar nature in future.

For more information on T R Freeman please visit: www.trfreeman.co.uk.

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