Cambridge Regional College welcomes Erasmus participants to the UK

Monday 18 March 2019

Students and educators from Italy, Czech Republic and Finland visited Cambridge Regional College (CRC) this month for a week of activities, discussions and work placements; all designed to promote alternative methods of working and broadening global learning experiences.

The Erasmus scheme is a blended mobility project which mobilises students and staff to focus on the development of soft and hard skills, as well as sharing pedological practice. The initiative also aides training overseas and assists teachers in working abroad. Currently over half of all British students who study abroad do so in participation of Erasmus.

After an initial introduction to the Cambridge campus on Kings Hedges Road, the student participants were briefed on a ‘Dragons Den’ task. This would involve developing ideas in teams, whilst overcoming language barriers, then pitching the outcomes to local business representatives from Luminus Group and Xtreme Events. CRC students also took part in the activity which saw three unique ideas produced and pitched; an app for sharing college and school communications between students of different nationalities, a pocket translator for the general public and a computer controlled all-in-one cake maker.

This was followed later in the week by a number of company tours at leading local institutions including the I-MET centre in Alconbury Weald. The students also worked with WWUK, Urban & Civic, David Lock Associates and DHL.

Professional teaching staff also had workshop sessions on developing empowerment and positive mental learning. The participants took part in multiple discussions across the week and shared alternative strategies and techniques, including the unique challenges and solutions required when supporting students, interns and apprentices through work experience and community action projects. The educators also took part in project assignments and team collaboration activities, focusing on areas such as developing approaches to work in differing organisations and the latest ‘Meta-cognition’ and inspection changes in the UK.

CRC Principal and Chief Executive, Mark Robertson, said: “We were delighted to welcome the Erasmus participants from across Europe to Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire. Sharing ideas and successes between different cultures is beneficial to everybody. We hope that the students and staff have been inspired by the experiences this week of activities has provided. Some of our current apprentices gave a helpful presentation on apprenticeships at work in the UK, so they have consolidated their own understanding during this process as well. Our involvement with Erasmus does not stop here and we will have more exciting projects and news to come.”

Prime Minister Theresa May recently confirmed that the United Kingdom will maintain its involvement with the Erasmus programme after Brexit, until at least the end of the year 2020. There are currently over 4,000 educational institutions in nearly 40 countries that utilise Erasmus.

In November last year, Cambridge Regional College worked in conjunction with Erasmus to develop a unique training programme designed to empower apprentices to become Junior Job Coaches. Once qualified, the students were able to offer peer-to-peer coaching to fellow apprentices. After its introduction in the UK in 2018, the successful programme is now due to be rolled out in Brusells later this month.

Forthcoming Events

June 21 2019 / 12.00pm onwards
Business Open Day
June 21 2019 / 12.30-2.30pm
Peterborough Construction Network
June 26 2019 / 5.00-7.00pm
Informal Networking Evening – Fenland
June 28 2019 7:00PM / 7.00pm onwards
Comedy Night and Black Tie Dinner - Peterborough