College awarded slice of £40million to launch Maths Centre of Excellence

Wednesday 27 March 2019

Fantastic news as New College Stamford has been chosen to be part of brand new initiative which will see it become a Centre of Excellence for Maths.

New College Stamford is proud to be named a Maths Centre of Excellence after receiving funding to develop new methods of teaching and enhance maths teaching. This will be an invaluable asset to students looking to improve their skills and secure valuable qualifications.

The College is one of 21 further education institutions in the country to have been rewarded after submitting an impressive bid that demonstrated the College’s long-standing reputation for excellent English and maths achievement and performance. It has consistently provided an opportunity for students at all levels to succeed and progress in maths, from those with no GCSEs to those who need to increase their grades.

The centres are designed to develop, deliver and share best practice through maths networks, and to test and share new ways to teach students who are re-sitting their maths. Each of the colleges will share £40 million over the next five years to help them in providing this new and innovative way of learning.

Paula David, Director of Curriculum at New College Stamford, said: “The CoE in Maths will give students the motivation and opportunity to learn with methods that suit their preferences and build on their existing skills. This will be through personalised learning programmes, supported by high quality teaching and learning and integrating online learning assessment and feedback, combined with rigorous tracking and monitoring.

“Staff will be supported throughout the process to be up-skilled in developments in maths mastery and will use technology to support teaching and learning.

“We’re proud to be paving the way for an innovative maths programme to support and empower students to achieve their maths qualifications.”

The model will benefit over 800 students and the college aims to collaborate with other colleges to improve achievement and attainment in maths.

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