How scaffolding helped me do better digital marketing campaigns

Thursday 28 March 2019

As a Digital Marketing Freelancer I often get the opportunity to meet with many different people from varying backgrounds - from charities to model agencies and magicians to accountants - but scaffolding is one I'd never thought would be as interesting as it turns out.

As a Digital Marketing Freelancer I often get the opportunity to meet with many different people from varying backgrounds. From charities to model agencies and magicians to accountants (OK the last two are quite similar).

Despite them all being very different though, there's one thing that unites them and that's their passion, which I'll admit sounds cliche. When someone is passionate about their work, it's infectious. And when running a digital marketing campaign, this passion only helps to increase the chance of success. It's like racing in Formula 1: give your marketing agency a decent car with a good engine and they'll drive it to pole position.

But there's been one company recently who I never in a million years thought would be so passionate or interesting: A Cambridge scaffolding company. Yes, scaffolding. And by the way, I'm only too aware of the fact I'm beginning to sound like Alan Partridge by saying this.

Recently I spent some time on-site with them at a couple of their latest scaffolding projects to learn what's what. At first-hand I got to see the skill in their work, with the 35 feet high carefully constructed scaffolding structure around these delicate listed buildings in the centre of Cambridge. I tried to not look out of place (my years of experience and skills gained playing with K'Nex when I was seven were really getting pushed to the limit), but starting as I meant go on, I put my hard hat on back to front - well played.

I decided to join the bosses Craig & Elliott in climbing up the ladder to the top (I didn't tell them about my fear of heights). "Jump on that - it's completely safe" Craig said, pointing to the top-level platform which appeared as though just plain fresh air was supporting it. As much as I had confidence in Craig's ability as a top scaffolder I wasn't going to jump on it, but then I realised he was wearing a hi-vis jacket and so I immediately did as instructed. It was at this point I really saw the sheer engineering genius of how this structure was managing to support itself. It was spiders web of steel and wood.

Unfortunately, a "spiders web of steel and wood" isn't going to cut it when it comes to their marketing material. However a "dolly tower scaffolding structure with cantilever beams spanning twelve metres over a flat roof and with a flush encapsulated finish", might do. Now of course that might be a little too far, but getting under the skin of people's work and talking their language is the best way to start creating successful digital campaigns. Marketing is all about bridging the gap between the product and the customer and demonstrating which customer problems are solved by the product. And, you can do that better by experiencing first-hand what the business is about.

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