Book business travel? Here's how to get the best rates and service

Monday 8 April 2019

Gary Fitzgibbon at Travel Counsellors shares how he is able to offer the best rates as well as service for his clients being part of one of the top 20 Travel Management Companies in the country.

Top 20 Buying Power
The breadth of our specialist fares ranges from entertainment to marine to ancillary services, and everything else in-between.

As a top 20 travel management company (TMC) in the UK, we have the buying power to negotiate the best fares with suppliers. So, if we don't currently offer fares in a specialist area, our team can review and investigate to help ensure we have the right products at our disposal at a competitive price.

Here's just five ways we make booking corporate travel easier:

1. Corporate, leisure and specialist fares
We have access to fares for both corporate and leisure clients, including clients with specific industry needs - something many other TMCs don't have access to.

We have negotiated cluster fares with all major carriers, including those which are notoriously difficult to access.

2. Access to New Distribution Capability (NDC) fares
We provide access to IATA's New Distribution Capability fares directly from our in-house booking system, giving us more options for flights, ancillaries and policy enforcement.

NDC is a hot topic. Having our own system, which is updated every three weeks by our in-house development team, gives us more control over how we implement and adapt as NDC is rolled out.

3. Aggregation of scheduled and low-cost carrier content
Our consultants can see all flight options right alongside each other - from scheduled flights to low cost carriers. This visibility of flight options and fares all in one place helps us make the right choice for our clients, whatever their budget and travel preferences.

4. GDS integration
Over our 25-year history, we've developed collaborative partnerships with GDS vendors to ensure that our franchisees have the right product to sell, at a competitive price.

One of the biggest of these that we work with is Travelport. We're part of their user testing forums and regularly work with them on bespoke software development. Whenever there's a new piece of functionality available, we're often at the forefront of that user testing group, meaning our consultants get access to new functionality before other TMCs.

5. It's all in one place
As well as comparing fares, we can see airline seat allocation options and ancillary services helping us tailor the travel experience for each and every client.

Please get in touch at to see how we can help your business book travel better

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