CWA Equine Team Takes Gold at Inter-College Competition

Tuesday 23 April 2019

On Wednesday 3 April, College of West Anglia (CWA) students from the college’s Cambridge campus rode to victory at the Inter-College Equine Team Competition.

The day-long competition was hosted by Hadlow College, Kent and saw four-person student teams from Hadlow, Plumpton, Merrist Wood, Berkshire College and CWA compete against each other.

One member was chosen from each team to ride a Preliminary dressage test, Novice dressage test, one a course of show jumps at 75cm and a show jump course at 85cm respectively, before all taking part in a final quiz.

CWA student, Tate Frost, won the Preliminary dressage test with an impressive 68.65 per cent - over four per cent ahead of the second placed rider - and Victoria Gedny continued this success in the Novice test with another win for CWA with a whopping score of 69.58 per cent, before students CWA Maddie Paul and Ella Wilson became the only students from the same team to both clear their two show jumping courses, penalty free, enabling the team to enter the final phase of the competition in a strong position.

Finally, the teams participated against each other in a quiz, which tested knowledge across a wide range of equine subjects. An interesting ‘Jeopardy’ format made for an exciting finale, with teams able to decide how many points they wished to gamble on bonus questions and also tested their maths. CWA finished second in the quiz to become overall winners on the day.

Programme manager of Equine Studies at CWA’s Cambridge campus said: “I am so proud of what the team have achieved and how students from different courses came together to support each other. Team members came in to College for additional training sessions and were on campus at 6.45am for a prompt 7.00am departure. A special mention for the reserve rider, Grace Mallows, who also attended practices, had to learn both dressage tests, was a fantastic support on the day and selected the all-important envelope of drawn horses.”

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