Countdown Begins: Two Weeks Until the Peterborough Cathedral Summer Exhibition, Monsters of the Sea!

July 1, 2024

Anticipation is building as Peterborough Cathedral gears up for the grand opening of its highly anticipated Summer exhibition, Monsters of the Sea. Running from 15th July to 1st September, this spectacular event promises to captivate visitors with fascinating displays, interactive exhibits, and a deep dive into the mysteries of the prehistoric ocean.


The exhibition will showcase an array of sea creatures, from the modern day Great White Shark to the Plesiosaurus and giant Livyatan Melville. Don’t know what that is? Come along and find out! Whether you’re looking for a family day out or you’re an ocean enthusiast, Monsters of the Sea offers something for everyone.


Adding a playful touch to the exhibition is Finny the Shark, our lovable mascot who has been making waves around the city with his exciting escapades. Finny’s latest adventure took him to the Peterborough Lido, where he caused quite a stir! The surprise visit had swimmers and sunbathers alike buzzing with excitement, and photos of Finny’s fun-filled day have been making the rounds on social media, adding to the buzz about the upcoming exhibition.


Paul Stainton, Head of Marketing and Communications at the Cathedral shared his excitement at the upcoming exhibition: “We are thrilled to host Monsters of the Sea this summer. It’s a wonderful opportunity for families and individuals to explore the wonders of the ocean right here in Peterborough. Finny the Shark’s adventures have already brought so much joy to our community, and we can’t wait to see everyone at the exhibition.”


With just two weeks to go, the final preparations are in full swing, and the team is eagerly putting the finishing touches to what promises to be a memorable and educational experience for all!