Alight Media pledges to support Cambridge businesses with free advertising

September 16, 2020

Alight Media, the leading challenger in UK digital and paper posters, commits to a 12-month package of support for local businesses to help SMEs and re-start the economy.

As businesses change the way they operate to be COVID-safe, the Generator programme tackles the core commercial challenges of immediate cashflow and jumpstarting revenue. Those that sign up to Generator will receive three months of free advertising, along with one-to-one expert advice on reaching new and existing customers.

Alight Media operates advertising on digital billboards across UK towns and cities including Cambridge, and on bus shelters throughout South Yorkshire and the South West region. The Generator offer is available across the entire estate, providing campaigns suited to each business’s individual needs.

Alight Media has developed this programme to directly address key issues facing small businesses and to continue its long-standing support for SMEs. Since its inception, ads for SMEs have been displayed over 14 million times on Alight Media’s digital and paper posters. As an SME itself, Alight Media understands the benefits of long-term support throughout and beyond this crisis and want to continue to do its part to aid small and local business.

Businesses including Creative Nature Superfoods and, the on-demand printing app, have already applied and begun utilising Alight Media’s network.

Susie Clements, Co-Founder/ Chief Business Development Officer at, commented: “We are delighted to be partnering with Alight Media through their SME Generator scheme. We hope that by advertising on their digital screens across the UK, it will help through these challenging times, significantly increasing the awareness and usage of our online and mobile printing platform.”

Register your interest by phoning Alight Media’s SME experts at  or on the Alight Media website